The KJV401 Reader’s Edition (NT) is a beautiful, scholarly, faithful, and conservative reconstitution of the original KJV1611 into understandable language of our day. It does not change the meaning of the KJV as do some modern translations with “KJV” in the title.
In the e-reader format you can read your original KJV, and at the touch of the screen, see the meaning in the language of our day; use it as an authoritative commentary. Or you can read the beautiful and understandable KJV401 and check it against the original KJV for accuracy. No other translation can do this.

Red Letter Plus feature

Exclusive Red Letter Plus© feature

In the KJV401 Study Edition, you will be able to check the 401 with the original KJV word by word, and phrase by phrase. The hundreds of places modern versions (the NIV, ESV, NLT, NKJV) change the interpretation of the originalhttp://kjv401.com/wp-admin/theme-editor.php KJV are documented.

Here are some of the unique features of the KJV401:

  • The Red Letter Plus© feature has the words of God the Father (and His heavenly creatures) in blue, the direct quotations of the Holy Spirit in purple, the words of the Devil (and his demons) in green, as well as the standard red letter for the words of Jesus.
  • Accurate and faithful to the meaning of the original KJV1611
  • Retains historical English language style for terms related to male and female gender; this is fully documented in the Study Edition of the KJV401.
  • At a touch you can move between the KJV401 and the KJV1611; read and enjoy the original and use the KJV401 as a guide for the meaning or read and enjoy the KJV401 and refer to the original KJV to verify the meaning.

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