About the Author

I am James A. Swanson: Th.B, M.S.M. (Multnomah University); M.Th. (New Testament Specialty, University of South Africa)
I have been working in the field of Biblical Studies for more than three decades, creating Bible study tools that help you study the words of the Bible. Much of my work has been to organize and present the relationship of the original languages of the Bible to the English words found in English Bible versions. This work over these years has helped make me uniquely qualified to make the KJV401 a careful and accurate representation of the beauty, accuracy, and meanings presented in the KJV1611.

Major works include:

  • Strongest Strongs Concordance [to the King James Version] (James Strong, John R. Kohlenberger, James A Swanson)
  • NIV Exhaustive Concordance (Goodrick & Kohlenberger, Swanson (associate ed.), Potts, Zondervan Pub.)
  • NIV Englishman’s Greek Concordance (Kohlenberger & Swanson, Zondervan Pub.)
  • NIV Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance (Kohlenberger & Swanson, Zondervan Pub.)
  • Exhaustive Greek Concordance ([cf. Moulton & Geden]; Kohlenberger & Swanson, Zondervan Pub.)
  • NLT Complete Concordance (Kohlenberger & Swanson, c. 1995, Tyndale House Pub.)
  • NLT2 Complete Concordance (Swanson & La Coss, c. 2009, Tyndale House Pub.)
  • Young’s Bible Dictionary (G. Douglas Young, Editor; Swanson, Revision Editor, c. 1998, Tyndale House Pub.)
  • Dictionary of Biblical Languages, Greek (Swanson, Logos Research Systems)
  • Dictionary of Biblical Languages, Aramaic (Swanson, Logos Research Systems) [a first-ever Semantic Domain arrangement as an Aramaic lexicon]
  • Dictionary of Biblical Languages, Hebrew (Swanson, Logos Research Systems) [a first-ever Semantic Domain arrangement as a Hebrew lexicon]
  • Morphology of the Greek New Testament (Swanson, Logos Research Systems) [A complete lexical and grammatical organization of the Greek New Testament in both UBS and WH Greek editions]
  • Cornerstone Commentary (editor of lexical features of the series; Tyndale House Pub.)
  • NLT Study Bible Word Study System features (designer, creator, and editor of the Word Study features of the Bible, Tyndale House Publishers)
  • NLT Electronic Study System (the designer, creator, editor, of a computerized study system of the NLT translation, with database associations of text variants, lexical, grammatical, and translational items, and myriads of other details, related to the entire New Living Translation, OT and NT inclusive.)
  • Word Pictures of the New Testament (AT Robertson editor; revision editor Swanson, c. 2000) [a significant revision and down sizing of the original work, Broadman & Holman Pub.]
  • That’s Greek to Me (Swanson, Broadman & Holman, yet to be put into print) [an exposition of New Testament words, using principles of Semantic Domain exposition–a work comparable to Barclay’s N.T.Words, or similar to Vine’s]

Personal Data:
Born June 1952, I grew up doing work with and for my father as a public school janitor; my mother was a school cook. I worked in the local fields of Oregon as a teen, farmed one summer, went to college briefly as a music major in community college. I became a Bible believing Christian as a late teen, and eventually enjoyed the detailed study of the Bible, and seemed to excel at it. I was married September 1973 to Sandi Lee Swanson, and had three biological children, one adoption, one guardianship, and cared for a total of another 9 medical foster children over a period of 27 years. I was a lay elder in a local church for 15 years, as the administrative and teaching elder. I faithfully served as a Senior Bible Reference Editor at a major Christian Book Publishing House for the last 11 years of my career, and my position at the company was dissolved. This transitional time has made an opportunity to create a project so new and unique–the KJV401. Out of lemons has come the most refreshing lemonade, the KJV401 (reconstituted); mix it up–all you add is your spirit.